What is Life?

Where did it come from?

Possible Objection no 2
Possible objection no 2

Undirected Natural processes have produced semiotic systems, Life itself is the obvious example.

Many people believe that science has all this origin of life stuff sorted out, this is simply not the case. Science is in fact a very long way indeed from understanding how the origin of life came about.

To prove the point, please take a look at the following link.


Here we have the formal announcement made in conjunction with The Royal Society, the most prestigious scientific organisation there is, of the Origin of Life Prize. This is a prize fund that is being offered, by a group of investors headed by the author the book Evolution 2.0, Perry Marshal, to origin of life scientists if they are able to demonstrate a patentable example of how an undirected natural process can produce a functional semiotic code.

The prize fund on offer is 10 million US dollars.

That is a very large incentive indeed. The very existence of such a prize shows very clearly that currently there is no solution to this challenge and that to find such a solution is going to require a great deal of effort.

Finding a solution to the origin of biological information would without question be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, putting the discovering scientist up along side some of the most notable names in science. As if that is not incentive enough now they would be very wealthy to boot!

The video imbedded in the herox.com page is a recording of this formal announcement. To get an understanding of the nature of this prize fund I suggest you skip the introductions and begin the video at around 8 minuets. Here you will find find Professor Denis Noble explaining the nature of both the prize and the challenge.  Alternatively scroll down to the heading
The Mystery.

It is very refreshing to hear that science is finally recognising where the biggest challenge to a material origin of life lays.

Marshal lays out his motives for setting this prize in this following link


While it is clear that he himself is anticipating a solution to this problem purely based on laws of physics and chemistry please note this statement toward the end of this article:-

"if you want to dismiss “design” in biology, you must solve information first. Until then, the inference to design is still on the table."

So has it been proven that undirected natural processes have produced the semiotic code in biology? Absolutely not !

Science does not have a sufficient mechanism that could cause semiotic code to come into existence by an undirected natural process. Until science can solve this problem the idea that there is an undirected origin to semiotic code is nothing more than an unsupported assertion.